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We are glad to introduce you to our partners –!

This is a cloud-based cloaking service with a built-in tracker and white page generators.

What are the benefits of

  • The service cloaks dozens of sources, including Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Bing, Yandex, and Gemini;
  • JS fingerprinting to detect moderators even on residential and mobile proxies;
  • Huge built-in databases of IP addresses, including databases from several competing clones;
  • True machine learning VLA™ for fingerprint analysis (Bayesian classifier);
  • Proxy mode to get white pages with navigation by cloning third-party sites;
  • Built-in tracker: conversion tracking, external click IDs and subaccounts, any funnels in the stat;
  • Split testing of landings/offers, rotation by timer, white generators from Comsign;
  • REST API for automated flow control, support for app cloaking via Click API.

If you are looking for reliable cloaking, we strongly recommend trying Adspect.

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