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Why are we partnering with Octo?

– Powerful analytics (more than 20 levels)
– Two TDS systems
– High-speed click processing
– Ability to pass moderation with no redirect
– Postback duplication
– Integration with most partners and sources
– Friendly support team

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Important facts about push advertising

  • Today, push-notifications are successfully delivered in the majority of browsers in use, including mobile ones.
  • Push notifications are delivered on top of all of the user’s open windows, even if the browser is turned off. Moreover, if the computer or phone is turned off, the user will receive a message as soon as he appears on the network.
  • Lack of fraud and markups. The entire audience is composed of real, active users. It is impossible to “cheat” or overestimate the audience of push notifications.
  • Push is not spam. The entire audience gives their informed consent to receive news and content, and can unsubscribe at any time
  • Convenient geolocation management. An important parameter on which most advertising campaigns are built. With TacoLoco, you can enter a text with the name of the region, defining this region through the user’s IP.
  • Timely mailing. People should be notified when it suits them. Therefore, we do not send our push notifications at night.

Language targeting

More great news!

Now you can select or deselect the browser language for each campaign. This precision targeting method will give your ads a remarkable edge. Selecting the preferred language options can be done easily when creating your campaign.

Recommended Bid

Recently we’ve added a “Recommended Bid” functionality, which suggests the most productive bid based on campaign statistics, selected countries, and other factors. With this new function, your campaign will receive optimal amount of traffic.

Watch this space, with more exciting developments in the pipeline, we can’t wait to take your campaigns to the next level together.

Happy New Year!

From the TacoLoco team to you, we wish you Happy Holidays!
Here’s to your success, health, happiness, and extra guac in the year to come. Stay tuned for quality traffic, progressive new ad formats, and even more opportunities in 2021!


Great news: from now until the end of the year, we’ll be adding a $10 bonus for your first TacoLoco account top-up, processed through Capitalist!

How can you qualify for this bonus?

Just use the promo code CPTLST20 when topping up your account balance through Capitalist. This promo code is valid until the end of the year for new and existing users – but only for existing users who have not previously funded their TacoLoco account through Capitalist. To request a top-up, simply go to “Add Funds” in your Personal Dashboard.

Why choose Capitalist as your funding source?

Capitalist seamlessly integrates e-wallets, bank accounts, and credit cards all within one convenient account. There’s no need to register accounts with multiple payment systems – Capitalist has it all under one roof!

Main advantages:

  • Free multicurrency wallet (RUR, USD, EUR);
  • Plastic and Virtual cards for worldwide-using;
  • Complete confidentiality of client’s funds;
  • Marketplace for affiliates to conduct operations without commissions.

TacoLoсo cases

We’ve selected all most interesting case studies with our push-traffic and displayed them all here. Happy reading!

1) Dr.Cash. $232 with Casa Nova offer

• Spent $439,50
• Earned: $672
• Profit: $232,50

2) Adtrafico. UK Dating & Tacolo.co

• Spent: $211.14
• Earned: $460.58
• Profit: $249.44

3) Adtrafico. US Dating + Tacolo.co

• Spent: $1342.26
• Earned: $1972.40
• Profit: $629.72

4) LosPollos. Making money in Austria with TacoLoco!

• Spent: $416.26
• Earned: $729.55
• Profit: $310.99

5) Life after factory. Adult dating with Push Traffic

• Spent: $416.26
• Earned: $729.55
• Profit: $310.99

6) Team Conversion. TacoLoco + Cpamatica + iMonetizeIt

• Spent: $125
• Earned: $247
• Profit: $122

City macros

We are always adding new tools to boost conversion rates of your ad. Now, when creating a new campaign with TacoLoco, you can add a macro to ad text that will be replaced with the recipient’s city in the selected language.

How it works?

Here is an example of the text that you can create: “Are you in {city_en}? Great offer! Mega Sale!”

Here, instead of {city_en}, a city of the recipient will be place in English language. User from London, for example, will see the ad like this:

Of course, depending on the GEO that is being used, the appropriate for GEO language needs to be selected. Currently we support the following languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.

When creating the ad campaign, you can select desired city macros in the advanced settings option. We highly recommend testing out this newly added feature for the ultimate performance.

Try it!

Balance notifications

TacoLoco now has notifications!

You can now sign up to receive e-mail notifications advising you on zero or low balance (balance limit that you can set yourself). Coming soon, we will be adding a few more useful notifications. To set up and manage your subscription go to Profile – Notifications.


How does our platform work? Which verticals can deliver the best results? What is the advantage of push-ads format?

Answers to all these (and many more) questions can be found in our useful knowledge base: https://help.tacolo.co