New Traffic Chart and more!

This week alone, we’ve rolled out three very useful updates.

First of all, the new Traffic Chart. Impressions, bids, and average ctr are now available not only by country but by traffic type and platform.

Secondly, we have updated the campaign page (multiple action option has been added as well as many more useful functions).

Lastly, we have merged the Finance and Add Funds pages. Now all payment information can be found in one location and on one page.

All the most recent updates can be tried and tested in your account dashboard.

TacoLoco now accepts Capitalist

We’re pleased to introduce an exciting new payment platform, now supported by TacoLoco: Capitalist. This innovative service will help you manage your payments and account balances. Setting up payments with Capitalist is quick and simple. Select “Add Funds” from your account dashboard and choose the option that best suits your needs.

P.S.: Making payments with Paxum is easier than ever, and now commission-free when adding a balance.