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As you already know, push traffic monetization is now available to TacoLoco publishers. It is important to understand that you don’t have to have your own website to integrate script for collecting push traffic. You can use a Push-Link, if you don’t have your own online platform. This article will tell you what this is, how it works and who it’s suitable for.

If you don’t have your own website with a good traffic volume, you can still become a publisher. Everyone can earn from push traffic. All you have to do is place a special link in any source and in any form. The most important thing is that link functions and the user can click on it.

A Push-link can also be used by site owners, if for some reason they don’t want to integrate a script that will offer users the option to subscribe to a push.

In their Personal Account, the publisher receives a link that leads to ready-made TacoLoco landing pages. The only function is to subscribe the user to push notifications from platform advertisers. The landing pages are therefore designed according to all the requirements for effective collection of subscriptions. Our landing pages have been checked by thousands of publishers, and they convert perfectly. The publisher’s job is then to direct traffic to the Push-link. The platform will do the rest.

  • You can start with a minimum budget or at no cost. Using a push-link, you can monetize your own resource, but not only that – you can also monetize shareware traffic, for example, from social networks.
  • Minimum effort and investment on the part of the publisher.
  • You don’t have to spend time and money on creating landing pages. The partner offers ready-made effective landing pages.
  • Unlike a script that runs pushes on the site itself, a push-link doesn’t affect the page loading speed.
  • Monetization of push-traffic through TacoLoco lets you acquire long-term passive income – 90% through RevShare payments. These are the best conditions on the market today.

How is income generated?

The publisher places a link on their platform or any other traffic source. Visitors click on this link and are redirected to the landing page. Here they given the option of subscribing to pushes. If the user subscribes, they are registered in the subscription database. Then they are sent relevant advertising from TacoLoco advertisers until they unsubscribe. For the entire “lifetime” of the subscription, the platform pays money to publishers for displaying ads. Our partners receive an additional 90% through RevShare payments.

Revenue Share or “RevShare” is a pricing model through which publishers receive remuneration in the form of a percentage of revenue provided to the adviser through the subscription. RevShare payments are accrued when a user subscribed to the push has performed the target action, i.e. registration, placing an order, making a deposit, etc. 

To acquire the special link for users to click on to go to the landing page to collect subscriptions, you need to register on the platform. In the “Traffic Sources” tab, select “Stream”, set the stream name and select the traffic type – Mainstream or Dating.

  • Mainstream – traffic from sources with any subject, except for online dating and 18+ platforms.
  • Dating – traffic from dating sites (including 18+), adult products and services.

It’s important to choose the type of traffic to protect your audience from adult content advertising. Next, click “New Push Link”. Here you need to set the Push-link name, set the degree of pop-up aggression and configure traffic back, if necessary.

The “Aggression” parameter shows how many times the user will see a pop-up window containing an option to subscribe. The typical number of redirects with a push subscription is 2 to 5. 

It all depends on the traffic source. The higher the “Aggression” parameter, the more intrusive the ad will be. If you are counting on audience loyalty, limit this indicator to 2 to start with. 

“Traffic Back URL” is a link where users not subscribed to pushes will be redirected. Traffic back allows you to monetize residual traffic. If a user has chosen not to subscribe or closed the pop-up notification, they will be redirected to another offer.

The best way is to direct residual traffic to a smartlink. A “smart” link contains hundreds of offers for different audiences. It also analyzes traffic parameters in seconds to show the user the most relevant offer. The best partners offer smartlinks suited for specific verticals. For example, LosPollos has a smartlink for dating, gambling, mainstream, and crypto-verticals.

We recommend the use of traffic back when users:

  • close the landing page without subscribing;
  • are already in the subscription database;
  • block pop-up windows in the browser.
  • use a device with an operating system that does not support pop-up windows (for example, iOS).

We don’t recommend enabling traffic back, if the publisher is monetizing an information resource and doesn’t want visitors to leave it.

This is what a ready-made push-link looks like:

If you add tokens {click_id}, {sub_id} to the link, you can easily monitor traffic by individual parameters.

All the publisher has to do is to copy this link and place it on their source. We will collect the subscriptions. 😉

Landing Page Configuration

In order to configure your landing pages, click on the edit icon next to the content of the last column “Active Landings”:

The window that opens contains available ready-made landing pages. Landing pages like these ones are available for sources with Mainstream traffic:

For Dating traffic sources, you can select the following landing pages:

A publisher can select either one landing page, several, or all at once. The “Landing Rotator” tool tests and distributes traffic to the selected landing pages which have displayed highest clickability for certain traffic parameters (Geo, device type, operating system). If you don’t select this option, traffic will be randomly distributed among the selected landing pages. 

P.S. Push subscriptions are quite an effective tool for additional monetization. You can create a Push-link in TacoLoco in just a couple of clicks. The traffic is taken from more than 180 Geo, and the platform’s own landing pages are perfectly converted. A popular option is a bundle, where traffic is merged into a landing page with a push subscription, and traffic back is redirected to a smart link. If you have any questions on bundles, settings, results and payouts, pay a call on your personal manager. They are your loyal assistants at all stages of monetization 🙂

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