How to test and optimize push notifications?

The only way to increase conversion is to constantly test creatives and bundles. This is a lengthy process, but the only way to get to the strategy where push notifications will yield maximum CTR and profit.

Here’s what we recommend at the start: 

  • Make as many ad creatives as possible and launch them to see which ones work best. After that, select the leaders and do more work on them.
  • You need to test one element at a time: an icon, image, text, and landing page. If you decide to try several options at the same time, you won’t be able to tell what made you choose a particular creative.
  • The best way to create a high-quality creative is to analyze other successful examples and try to understand why they work. For inspiration, we recommend you take a look at our cases.
  • Test targeting. This can increase campaign reach and attract even more potential clients.
Start making profit
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