Myths about push ads

The effectiveness of push notifications has already been proven many times, but some affiliates still have concerns about the format. In this article, we will bust the most popular myths about this tool.

Myth #1. Nobody subscribes to push notifications

This is a big misconception. Users actively subscribe to news and notifications from the websites and read them. The percentage of subscriptions is growing every year, And since the subscription takes place in two clicks, the user does not have much time to change his mind.

Myth #2. Push notifications are considered spam

There are two sides: if this is a thoughtless mailing to everyone who clicked “Receive notifications”, then yes. Push notifications will be considered spam and ignored by many users.

But if you make cool and personalized notifications that catch the eye, then they will show good results.

Myth #3. The user receives push notifications only while visiting the site

This myth is based on a lack of awareness about how push notifications work. A push notification is not a banner or popunder, but rather an email or SMS message. The user will receive a message if he is connected to the Internet. It is also not necessary to open a browser or go to the site.

Myth #4. Push notifications show a small percentage of returns and are ineffective

We talked about the effectiveness of push notifications at the very beginning of the article. But what about the repeated return of users? For push notifications, this indicator is 2.5 times higher than, for example, for popunders. Of course, it all depends on the vertical and the quality of the pushes themselves.

Myth #5. Push notifications are bot traffic

Another popular myth is that many people think that there are too many bots with push notifications, and that’s not true. It is quite difficult to write a bot that will subscribe to the site and receive push notifications, as well as it will cost too much.

In 2022, push notifications remain one of the most effective advertising methods. Many networks accept traffic from push notifications, and some only specialize in it.

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