Script for Collecting Push Subscriptions from TacoLoco: How to Use It and Who Can Earn?

If you own a website, chances are you’ve come across the term “push monetization” more than once. Indeed, it’s that very strategy for effortlessly boosting your online platform’s revenue. Adding to the excitement, TacoLoco has recently unveiled a new way to monetize traffic through the In-Page Push format.

Eager to discover how to use a script for collecting push subscriptions and In-Page Push advertising to capitalize on your mainstream traffic and monetize the rest? Then, make yourself a coffee and settle in because you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through obtaining and implementing the script, identify which traffic segments can be monetized, and illustrate how beginners can start earning with TacoLoco, the leading push network. 

How Does It Work?

TacoLoco offers the easiest and most effective way for webmasters to make money. Within your Personal Account, you’ll find a unique script ready for integration into your online platform’s code. This script will launch a push notification with an offer to subscribe. Select the type of traffic and the subscription method – domain or popup. Configure how often popups are displayed and the interval before they appear again.

The push notification script is inserted into the site header:

To get an In-Page Push script, select your traffic type, configure the location of the popup banner on the page, capping strategy, frequency, and display interval. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features and detailed settings of In-Page Push monetization in order to use the format as efficiently as possible.

The In-Page Push script needs to be placed in the <body>.

When implemented correctly, as your site loads, users will encounter a popup notification. This gives them a clear choice and two options: proceed or close the message. If they choose to proceed, they’re added to the push network’s subscription database. The equation is simple: more traffic leads to more subscribers, which translates to increased profit. As a webmaster, your primary focus should be developing your site and attracting more traffic. 

Who Is It Suitable For?

Push subscriptions can be effectively collected on virtually any website. Drawing from the experience of our publishers, we’ve found that the push monetization script performs exceptionally well with SEO traffic, as well as social media, banner, and residual traffic. Essentially, any platform with good traffic and an engaged audience stands to benefit.

This strategy offers a fantastic avenue for generating passive income, particularly for:

  • large information sites and news portals;
  • gray and white doorways;
  • video hosting sites with free video content, including 18+.

And that is not all. Integrating push subscriptions into your marketing strategy is straightforward, especially if you’re promoting an offer or utilizing a Smartlink through your pre-landing page (or even your own landing page). You can start collecting subscriptions and closely monitor performance metrics by embedding a unique TacoLoco script into your page’s code. A detailed exploration of this model can be found in a publisher’s case study, showcasing traffic monetization with Push & In-Page Push: $1600 in 30 days.

At the same time, it is important to track statistics for each pre-landing page to redirect traffic only to the most effective ones (for push links, redirection occurs automatically)without negatively affecting the main conversion flow. For media buyers who use their own landing pages and transits, this is an excellent option for traffic monetization.

What Are the Restrictions?

While the TacoLoco push subscription script opens up monetization opportunities for virtually everyone, even those who don’t originate their own traffic, ensuring the traffic you provide is of high quality is important.

Be careful when choosing the type of traffic. For instance, if your source primarily attracts an 18+ audience, it’s appropriate to opt for the “Dating” traffic type in your settings. This ensures that the advertisements displayed to users align with the adult verticals. If you don’t want your users to be asked to subscribe to “adult” sites, choose “Mainstream.”

What Advice Can You Give for Beginners?

  1. A domain subscription will last longer than a popup subscription, generating income for longer. But we recommend that beginner publishers try both methods and choose the most profitable one.
  2. Test different types of traffic and look for the most profitable bundles.
  3. Configure Push and In-Page Push display time (whether they appear upon site load or after the first click)and the frequency of repeat impressions. Test different options for placing popup ads on the page. TacoLoco offers flexible settings for displaying popup notifications.
  4. Develop your sites and attract more traffic. The more unique visitors your site has, the higher the potential for fresh subscriptions, leading to increased and more stable earnings.

P.S. We hope we could answer all your questions about using the TacoLoco script to collect push subscriptions and dispel all doubts. Now you have everything to start push monetization of your own website or pre-monetization of residual traffic. Join the best TacoLoco affiliate network. And remember, for beginners, we are extending an exciting offer – enjoy 90% of the RevShare payments😉

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