TacoLoco + exclusive Affmy offers = ROI 30%

Hey everyone! Here is the case, which will show you how to drive dating traffic from push network TacoLoco to Smartlink by Affmy. We worked with offers and got 50% ROI in the previous case of Tacoloco that’s why we were sure that we would have great results with Smartlink too.

Traffic Source: TacoLoco

Advertising format: Push notifications


Network: Affmy

Offers: Smartlink

Cost: $1685.41

Revenue: $2205.2

Profit: $519.79

ROI: 30,84%

How to choose a traffic source

We have been working with TacoLoco for a long time and can mark the following advantages from the previous cases: 

  1. Excellent results when you work with dating offers.
  2. Fast campaign approval and timely assistance of managers.
  3. Large volumes of traffic even at rates that are lower than average.

How to choose creatives

In this case, we work with push notifications, a classical push notification consists of a square icon and a rectangular main image. Two text types are also used: a title – up to 30 characters and the main text up to 45 characters.

We recommend putting a name and an age in the title and a message imitation in the main text zone for dating creatives. The main task of a creative is to leave the appearance of a real message of social media, to do so, use an image, similar to a popular social network logo, and use a photo of an attractive girl as the main image. You should test different approaches to texts and pictures for sure to define what converts better with a certain GEO in a certain ad network.

You will find more information about how to make creatives for dating in our tutorial. And if you are interested in the latest creatives for your GEO, contact Affmy manager

How to set a tracker

As in the previous cases, we used Keitaro tracker to help with analytics and statistics monitoring. What can you do using a tracker ?

  1. Collect stats in one place.
  2. Try split-testing of pre-landing pages and offers.
  3. Divide traffic according to different parameters.
  4. Test different hypotheses, for example, how the quantity of conversions depends on a bid or on a certain creative.

To get more information about trackers you can read our tutorial.

“AFFMY” promo code gives a discount for the first buy for new users of Keitaro

How to set up a campaign

In the previous case, we’ve already told you how to set a tracker to work with TacoLoco, so let’s skip it and go to an ad campaign (AC) settings in an ad network.

To create a campaign in TacoLoco, click on «New campaign» in the left corner of the dashboard. 

We write the name of the ad campaign, which would be easy to search: in our case, it is «US_smartlink». The advertising format is push notifications, CPC model. We chose dating as a type of traffic; then we paste a link from the tracker and set capping like in the previous cases.

  • Impression capping is an option that limits how many times a user sees a particular ad. You can set the number of impressions that are shown: once per 24 hours. Such a setting is optimal because it provides the most unique traffic for your campaign.
  • Clicks capping is a similar tool but limits the number of clicks. Here we had an equivalent setting (show 1 ad per 24 hours) since a more frequent reminder about the product is not effective.

You can add only one creative to every ad campaign, which we have done in TacoLoco . We made 10 campaigns with various creatives to realize which ones show better results; as we know from the previous cases: creatives of this kind are in high demand. 

Further, we added buttons (push buttons), like in the previous case, we needed them to call users’ attention. We wrote «CONTACT» and «SEE PROFILE», such phrases have call-to-action and describe the aim of clicking on a push ad in the most precise way. These buttons appear under push notifications. 

Then we set targeting and bid. We chose mobile traffic and Android as operating systems, as we know from our experience, such a case gives the best results.

The chosen country is the USA. Now we are to set the rate to drive the traffic; the system has recommended the following rates for our targeting:

Minimum CPC — $0.01.

Average CPC — $0.147.

Recommended CPC — $0.162.

We decided to start with the recommended bid. Then we evaluate traffic volumes and ROI and correct them if they appear.

You can choose a language in advanced settings but we left it, as it was not to limit the traffic. 

Then we need to specify a budget. We set $150 as a daily budget: let’s see, whether it works for plus or on the contrary starts to limit the traffic. We didn’t set the total budget, as we didn’t know for sure how much time a campaign could run and what results it could bring.

We didn’t set the schedule so that the campaign could run 24 hours 7 days a week during the test. And if we see later that the AC is more efficient in certain periods, we set targeting by certain days or hours but according to our experience, to do it, we should collect a lot of statistics.

Then we created a new group of campaigns and called it «US_Smartlink» so that it would be easier to sort campaigns in statistics.

The first statistics summary and optimization

We got the first stats summary monitoring in 12 hours after the launch and saw that all the campaigns ran with negative metrics. We got the following results for 12 hours:

Cost: $272.97

Profit: $-117.97.

ROI of all campaigns: -43,22%.

We concluded that the recommended bid is too high for our launch and lowered the bid to $0.12 for all the campaigns. 

Note: despite of the fact that EPC (earn-per-click) is about $0.0920 on average for the campaigns, mind that AC ran only for 12 hours. The situation may change, that’s why you should not decrease it rapidly.

We also monitored the statistics by OS, time and IP, but we did not optimize them, as the collected data was not significant. We selected a daily budget — less than $150, so let it be unchanged. 

The second statistics summary and optimization

We got the following results after 1,5 days of traffic driving:

Cost: $852.45.

Profit: $-284.85.

ROI of all campaigns: -33,42%.

We managed to increase ROI but still the campaigns incurred losses. It’s clear that if we continue to drive traffic according to the current bid, we won’t get positive results. The average EPC now is $0.0871. At the present moment, we get 6514 clicks and this amount is quite enough to make a conclusion that EPC shows the real situation. We decreased the bid to $0.08 and continued to drive traffic.

The third statistics summary and optimization

After 7 days, we have got zero ROI and that means that we are moving in the right direction. We have got the following results:

Cost: $1685.41

Profit: $-3,71

ROI of all campaigns: -0,22%.

Average CR = 5,06%. We decided to switch off the campaigns (they are also creatives as we got 1 creative in each AC), which had lower than the average CR . Thus, we have 4 creatives left, which we are to use with the same  $0.008 bid. 

The fourth summary of statistics

We monitored the stats of our AC again after 3 days. ROI increased up to 4,80%. Profit reached $90,29.

According to the stats summary for the last 3 days, we got the following results:

Cost: $194,40

Profit: $94,00.

ROI: 48,35%

Now we try to lower the rate to $0.07 to define whether it affects to a great extent the lead to decrease quantity of clicks and conversions.

The fifth summary of statistics

After 2 more days, we checked up the stats by campaigns and saw that the amount of traffic is the same but ROI increased. It means that if the bid is $0.07, we will earn more. The results for the last 5 days:

Cost: $285.96.

Profit: $173.14.

ROI: 60,55%

Now we are going to test campaigns with $0.06 bid to define what bid will lead to the decrease of the traffic.

The sixth summary of statistics

We saw the decrease of clicks the next day, ROI fell a bit as well. Thereby, if the bid is $0.06 the campaigns do not get enough traffic. Now we are going to increase the bid up to $0.07, this bid is optimal to keep high ROI and a sufficient amount of clicks in our case. We got the following results at this point:

Cost: $329.16.

Profit: $194.34.

ROI: 59,04%.

The final summary of statistics

As a result of our test for 2 weeks, we got the following results:

Cost: $1685.41.

Profit: $519.79.

ROI: 30.84%.

CR: 5,25%.

Then we are to drive traffic using a $0.07 bid and monitor the data. Taking into consideration the losses, which we got at the start, when we selected the bid, we can be sure that our ROI is to grow up to 50-60% for the entire campaign.

Conclusions and recommendations

The second test of TacoLoco ad network showed great results. We made the conclusions, which further help you to work with this network, and we are ready to share them with you and give you some useful tips.

  • You should start with enough creatives to identify leaders. In our case only 4 out of 10 brought good conversion.
  • The recommended bid does not always guarantee a high profit. To find the necessary bid for a certain case, you need to test various bids and monitor the results.
  • Smartlink works as well as the standard SOI offers, that’s why you can treat it as an alternative or even as the main variant of monetization with confidence.
  • You need to check up various targets to make sure that the settings of your AC are correct.


We made sure that  Affmy smartlink worked well with push traffic in TacoLoco. The traffic differs in this network by its high quality and we are going not only to continue to drive traffic to this campaign but also create new ones.

How will we scale?

  • Continue to drive traffic to campaigns, using $0.07 bid.
  • Make some more campaigns for the US with as many similar creatives as possible to increase traffic volumes.
  • Launch an AC to other GEOs from Tier-1 countries.

This way we will be able to maximize our profit during the work with TacoLoco.

And now we announce a bonus for our readers! If you register in TacoLoco with AFFMY promo code, you will get a $20 bonus for your first deposit till the end of 2022. 

We wish you high ROI and converting creatives!

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