Detailed guide on push traffic from TacoLoco team

The TacoLoco team has prepared a complete guide on push advertising: how to drive traffic, where to buy traffic, what type of ads to create for high conversion, and how to launch profitable advertising campaigns.

What is push traffic?

In a nutshell push traffic represents advertising messages that are sent to users using push notifications. At some point, the user subscribed to push-mailings on a certain website and is now receiving notifications on their PC or smartphone.

The push mailings format is far from being new. It has long been used by affiliates to drive traffic to offers in many verticals. A push notification looks like a small popup with text, an icon, and an image.

Push notifications pros and cons

Pros of Push Notifications

  • The subscriber instantly gets to the pre-lander if he clicks on the notification;
  • You can segment the audience by GEO, device, version of the browser used, and other parameters;
  • Push notifications do not annoy users (if the timing option is applied), do not take up smartphone memory or email;
  • Pushes can be sent even to a switched off device and will reach the user when the smartphone appears back on the network;
  • Buying push traffic is not as expensive as working with other sources;
  • Ad networks offer versatile traffic for advertisers;
  • Easy setup – there is no complex targeting in push notifications that can cause difficulties for the web.

Cons of Push Notifications

  • You can’t push to all verticals, there are some niches where traffic from push notifications won’t go through;
  • Many push networks have bots, so we recommend that you carefully choose an advertising network to work with;
  • You need to be able to work with the following traffic requirements: creatives and text must be catchy so that you get leads.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are divided by the type of notification and by the device type where they appear.

Push Notification Type
Device Type

These are the push notifications commonly used by advertisers.

Browser. Push notifications that are displayed on a PC through browsers. Almost all popular browsers support this type of notification.

Used by site/app owners to remind you of an unplaced order or payment. 

This type of push notification appears on top of the smartphone screen. At first, the user sees only the icon and title, the text is seen if the user unlocks the smartphone.
Event. Related to a certain event.
Пример push-уведомлений

Specifics of Push notifications

Push arbitrage has specific characteristics that distinguish this traffic source from others.

Pushes are visible

This type of ad is not yet covered by banner blindness, this type of notification is noticeable in the corner of a PC or the notification shade on a phone. With the right creative and successful setup, your ad will be noticed, read, and referred to the landing page.

With a good network, you display ads to real people

Yes, there are networks where most of the impressions come from bots, but this is not the case with TacoLoco. Our traffic is real people who independently subscribed to push notifications from a particular site.

We regularly check the site owners and if the site owner decides to cheat by using bots, we quickly deprive him of access to advertisers.

High CTR

Webmasters have been using push notifications to drive traffic to their offers for a long time, but this is still the leader in terms of CTR among all other traffic sources. Users of push notifications are more loyal than any other audience since they by their own choice have subscribed to notifications from the site.

Push ads are cheap

If you compare the rate per click in push networks to, for example, Facebook, then in the first case you will pay much less.

For example, if you choose India, the cost of a click starts from $0.005, and for the USA – $0.167.

Where to buy push traffic?

There are many push networks where you can buy traffic and one of the options is our TacoLoco network.

Every day we show more than 1 billion ads in 180 countries, and judging by the feedback from partners, our traffic converts pretty well. For example, the cheapest click will cost you $0.001 with traffic from France – $0.088 per click, and traffic from America – $0.167 per click.

We offer high-quality traffic that is regularly updated, and our advanced targeting will help you hit your target with more accuracy. Moderators are always ready to skip your advertising campaign or help with any problems.

Signing up and getting started with Tacolo is easy.

Best verticals for push traffic

We have already talked about the best verticals for working at – you can find this information in our article.

If you work with verticals such as:

  • dating;
  • gambling;
  • sweepstakes;
  • installs;
  • nutra;
  • betting;
  • crypto.

Then you can buy push traffic and be sure that you will find your leads coming from your audience. You can drive traffic to other verticals, but it’s best to check with managers if our traffic is suitable for your niche. You will be given an honest answer so that you do not waste money and time on tests.

How to make money with push notifications

There are three ways to earn with push notifications:

  • buying traffic from push networks for affiliate offers you work with and getting money for leads is the method of choice for webmasters;
  • if you have your own website, you can monetize it by collecting subscriptions for push notifications;
  • if there is no site, then you can gather a subscriber base and transfer it to the push network for further monetization. As long as the base is active, the network will pay you money.

Profitability depends only on you, your ability and desire to work.

How to work with push traffic

Now that we have examined what push notifications are, next, we will talk about targeting settings and give creative examples and tips on how to create an effective headline.

Targeting settings

As we have already mentioned, there are no complicated settings in push networks. You can select options such as:

  • GEO;
  • mobile device or PC;
  • OS;
  • user activity;
  • browser version and type;
  • browser language.

You can also set a specific time for notifications to be sent. We do recommend using this setting, as an unsuccessfully sent push can piss off the reader 🙂

Creative Tips

We have put together a few tips that you should use to create effective creatives that convert.

Use personalizationIf you are targeting a city or country, mention it in the creative. Use a photo, name, or currency
Do the testingIt is optimal to make 3-5 variants of one creative to choose the most successful one.
Use newsbreaks People are more likely to spend money if their action is timed to coincide with some holiday or global event. No wonder Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday sales break all records
Creatives should be easy to understandYou have approximately 2-3 seconds to get users interested. If the creative is too complicated and incomprehensible, then the user will simply ignore it
Text is importantText is not the leading element in push notifications, but it is important and needs to be worked on. Only a combination of text + image will give you a good result
Use the messenger iconFor example, WhatsApp or Telegram, so that the user thinks that he has received a new message and clicks on your push
The Icon and main image must match
And they should not mislead the user. It is weird to publish money on a push that leads to a landing page for nutra
Choose live imagesLive photos always work better than stock images
Women over menEven if your target audience is women, creatives with female photos show better conversion than those with male photos
Use numbersNumbers are convincing: show the statistics, the chance of winning, the exact size of the bonus – the more accurate the numbers, the more they are believed.

Push notifications: examples for different verticals

We have selected a few examples of Tacoloco’s TOP verticals. Most likely they will not be converting anymore, but you can get a better understanding of how to create cool creatives for future work.

In the creative use a photo featuring a girl
and promise a video with her at the link
And here is a photo and a message that was made under the guise of Messenger from the iPhone
Gambling creatives often use bonuses, promises of big wins, and high returns on slots.Sometimes a creo for the news note is created: “A resident of the city of N hit the jackpot of $ 3 million”
Betting approaches slightly differ from gambling. Sometimes photos of famous athletes are used in the creativeFrequently showing the amount of the prize fund
In sweepstakes, everything is stable: we depict a box with a gift or the prize itself, we write that the reward is already waiting for the user and that there are only a couple of steps leftThe image of a gift box on creatives still brings conversions
Something’s up with the phone’s memory, viruses, not enough space – everything that can puzzle the owner of a smartphone can be suitable as a creativeEven now, the Android symbolism works well – of course, if your install is tuned specifically for such devices
On the inside, we use the image of the product itself, the promise of a quick result, or photos of famous doctors. Before/After can also be used on push notificationsAnother good practice is the promise of a simple and effective recipe. The main color for nutra is green, it evokes a feeling of naturalness of the product and trust.
You can promise users a large passive income, but you need to be careful – many crypto offers require a deposit, and with such a promise you risk getting irrelevant clicksThe second option is to use elements known in the crypto: popular CEX and DEX exchanges, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. Another approach is to say that a famous person got rich with the help of cryptocurrency.

Frequent mistakes when working with push notifications

Let’s take a look at what mistakes beginners and experienced webmasters make most often when working with push notifications:

  1. Create one campaign for different GEOs. Remember that each GEO has its challenges, and if you use one creative for the US and India, you will most likely waste your budget.
  2. They work only with popular GEOs. And this is a serious mistake because in countries that have not yet been “tested” by other affiliates, there is a more loyal audience and more chances to get high conversion. And remember that Tier-3 countries have money.
  3. They do not study the specifics of GEO. Each country has its nuances that you need to understand to create strong creatives. Language, habits, idols, tastes in girls – this is just a small part that you need to consider when creating a creative or pre-lander.
  4. Do not launch campaigns for different levels of activity and do not test all levels separately. Start testing with the most active users – those who have recently subscribed to the mailing list. This is where the highest conversion will be.
  5. When headers are ignored. Text is half the battle if we are talking about push notifications. Therefore, text content must be good and competent.

These are basic mistakes most people make. The rest you will understand better as you start working more with push notifications. If you have any difficulties and problems – reach out to our managers. They will always help you find the mistake and will recommend a competent approach.

Myths about push ads

Our team has already highlighted the important facts about push notifications. You can read this article on our blog. However, now we will tell you about the myths that many people believe in:

Nobody subscribes to push notifications. And this is one of the main misconceptions. Many users gladly subscribe to push notifications and read them.

Push notifications are considered spam. Yes, if it’s spitting traffic that’s shown everything from holiday socks to cryptocurrencies. If it is good high-quality traffic that receives targeted offers, then for the longest time notifications will not be considered spam.

Users receive push notifications only when they are on the website. This is not the case, push notifications are delivered to users if the website or browser is closed.

Pushes are ineffective. The effectiveness of push notifications is 2.5 times higher than that of popunders.

Pushes are bots, not live users. This is another myth that is not entirely substantiated. Yes, there are networks where bots are slipped to webmasters, but honest push networks monitor the traffic that advertisers buy resulting in practically no bots present.

Now you know a bit more about push traffic and if you are interested in case studies you can read them in the article from our partners. Do not be afraid to work with new formats, as we will try to help you should any problems come up 😉

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