10 dating approaches that work in 2021

It’s a no secret that if you do a good job with your creatives, you can make even an average link profitable. In this article we will share our experience and talk about current techniques that will give the maximum conversion when working with push notifications in dating.

Emphasise the sense of loneliness

Obviously, anyone without a partner is the key target audience. “No one to spend the evening with?”, “Tired of loneliness?” — this approach which will speak to the target and encourage users to click on the ad.

Use of an informative article

You can offer the target audience an informative article on dating related topics. For example, “Top 7 Ways to Meet a Girl in 2021” or “How to Meet a Girl in a Pandemic Era”.

Publications of this sort will arouse the interest of an audience who are looking for new encounters. All that remains is to advertise your offer and make a profit.

Imitation of a real person

On your creative, you can add a girl’s name, mobile phone number, and add an invitation for a meeting this very evening. This approach will create the impression of a real girl wanting to meet the user.

Here’s an important nuance: the number format must match the geo format on which you’re adding the traffic. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your budget.

Imitiation of a new incoming message

The essence of this approach is to create an advertising creative in the format of an incoming message from a messenger. The user thinks that a real girl (or guy) is messaging him in Telegram or WhatsApp. If you choose the right photo, then you are guaranteed an avalanche of targeted clicks.

Focus on a specific nationality

In certain countries representatives of different nationalities are particularly popular. For example, guys from the USA love to “hook” up with dark-skinned Latin American women. Why not use this?

Voice Message Simulation

This is the scheme. Write the name of the girl in the header, pack the ad in the form of a voice message and add a call to action to listen to it. It’s tried and tested, a lot of people click on this sort of ad.

Simulating dating apps

People who are looking for an online date are usually already registered in designated applications. For example, Tinder.

In which case everything’s simple. All you have to do is offer a creative using the icon of the popular app. Who would turn down a message from a cute stranger?

Creative with the age and name of the girl

You can dig around and find statistics about the ages of the girls or guys that your target audience prefers. Then add information about the age to the creative. For example, “Olga, 22 years old, Nizhny Novgorod is eager to meet you.”

The name and city add realism to the creative and increase CTR.

Video simulation in a creative

Users are more likely to click on creatives that they think are videos. Therefore, we add the YouTube icon to the description, and an imitation of the Play button in the centre of the image. 

Age and Geo Restriction

Curiosity is a great trigger. It’s enough to add a restriction to the creative that the information on the link is only for those over the age of 21 or for the residents of the selected geo. The target audience will be extra curious  — why is the information available only to selected users?

Try any of these approaches. Look for your own and choose the option with the maximum profit. Remember that the basis of arbitration in any vertical is constant testing. You can always find excellent push traffic in TacoLoco 😉

TacoLoco Team

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