A complete guide for TacoLoco advertisers

How to get started?

Before you start working with the advertising platform, you need to register. To become an advertiser at TacoLoco and launch effective advertising campaigns, you need to follow two steps.

Fill out the Advertiser registration form and read the Terms and Privacy Policy. Click Sign Me Up

An email will be sent to the email address you provided with a link to activate your account.

All set! You can now log in and launch your first campaign on our platform!

Immediately after registration, you will be taken to your Account Dashboard. In the upper right corner, you can see your balance, current time, and edit your Profile. Also, here you will see information for your account manager and available contact methods.

In the Dashboard window (it will open by default), you can later view the statistics of your advertising campaigns.

In the Reports tab, you can analyze the results of the work in detail. Here you can conveniently generate reports and select individual campaigns/groups of campaigns, GEO, strait days, zones, and operating systems.

How to create a campaign?

It’s time to create your first ad campaign! First, go to the New Campaign tab. In the Campaign Name field, enter your advertising campaign’s name and select the traffic type.

Which ad format to choose?

In our affiliate network, advertisers have access to the most effective advertising formats:

–   Push – pop-up messages that do not go unnoticed and do not annoy users. TacoLoco push traffic is of high quality and is regularly updated. Our push notifications have an excellent conversion in 180 GEOs with all top verticals.

–   In-page push is a pop-up notification that looks like a banner and does not disappear until the user closes it. Unlike classic push notifications, In-page pushes reach the iOS audience and are not blocked by browser extensions.

–   Direct clicks is a relatively new advertising format that does not require the advertiser to create creatives. Instead, the user gets to the landing page directly, so an effective landing page alone is enough. This format is ideal for a quick launch where you only need to paste the link and set up your targeting.

Up-to-date information on traffic volumes and bids for all GEOs is available in the Traffic Chart tab. In addition, you can filter data by device type, ad formats, traffic type, countries.

At what price model can you buy traffic?

All traffic on our platform can be bought using the CPC model, which uses bid per click. The system will offer you the best auction bid based on current conditions. You can set a recommended CPC or define your own bid.

What type of traffic to choose?

In the Traffic Type field, three types of traffic are available to you, depending on the kind of offer and the requirements for the creatives used:

–   Dating – any offers are suitable for this type of traffic, including those from the adult category. This niche is predominantly male. Explicit content is allowed in creatives and landing pages. Compared to Mainstream, the Dating audience converts more easily, and traffic volumes are higher.

–   Mainstream – all offers are accepted, except for the adult category. Accordingly, using nude and explicit photos in promotional materials is unacceptable. The ratio of Men and women is 50% to 50% here.

–   All – for this type, you can choose any offers, including those targeted at an 18+ audience. At the same time, explicit creatives and landing pages cannot be used to advertise adult content. If you choose this type of traffic for your advertising campaign, you will get Dating + Mainstream together, allowing you to increase your target audience.

If you don’t know what type of traffic to choose for your advertising campaign, ask your account manager for a hint 😉

Use the link to your offer in the Target URL field. Add to your link the macros of the data you want to track in your Account Dashboard statistics. For example, if you would like to see the cost of a click, select {cost}, campaign id – {camp_id}, GEO, or the platform from which the traffic came – {country} and {platform}, respectively.

How to set up clicks and impressions?

Drag the Impressions Capping and Clicks Capping toggle to the right to set impression and click caps.

Impressions Capping – controls how often a push can be shown to the same user.

Click Capping is how often a notification can be shown to someone who has already clicked on it.

For Direct clicks, only Clicks Capping is available since here, one impression = one click.

How to create creatives?

If you have chosen Push or In-page push ads, you will need to come up with good creatives. Please note that at the start, you will need 5-7 creatives to exclude the less effective ones based on the testing results.

In the Title field, write a short, catchy title of up to 30 characters, to which you can add a city macro in one of the eight proposed languages.

You can add text up to 45 characters in the Message field.

If you drag the Push buttons lever to the right, a button will be displayed below the push notification. By clicking on it, the user will go to the landing page or close the ad.

There is no button for In-page push. By clicking on the ad, the user goes to the offer or closes the pop-up window. Keep in mind that In-page push does not include a large image. If you target desktop users, it is better to choose push notifications or Direct clicks.

In the Push badge, you can select the icon that will be displayed in the push notification at the top before the target link. Finally, your creative is ready, and you can see what the ad looks like by clicking Preview.

How to set up targeting?

With TacoLoco, you can target your campaign by user device type, GEO, and operating system. In addition, you can select “Include” or exclude “Exclude” the language in the Advanced Targeting section of advanced settings.

How to set a bid?

CPC is the rate per click paid by the advertiser. Our platform works by the auction system.

The auction system algorithm generates a rating based on the eCPС of all promoted campaigns, calculating the effective cost per click using the formula CPC*CTR*10. The campaign with the highest eCPC will take the highest position.

How to win an auction?

Immediately after the launch of a new campaign, the CTR is usually equal to the average value for a particular target. However, it would be best if you did not focus on the performance of competitors’ top campaigns, which can be much higher. A campaign with a minimum bid and weak click-through rate at the start will take a certain position, and traffic may not be coming for some time.

Therefore, we recommend launching the campaign with a high bid to get traffic and your own CTR faster. Then you can lower the bid and win due to the high click-through rate.

If you enable the Include InPage Push Ads option, your campaign will receive traffic from In-page push ads.

How to set a budget limit?

Here you can limit the daily and total budget of the advertising campaign:

This option helps to more accurately plan campaign costs and not waste the entire budget at the start.

What other settings are available on our network?

As part of the optimization, you can choose the time zone and days of the week for ad impressions. For example, you can select weekdays, weekends, or custom days only.

The more you understand your target audience, the more precise your campaign will be.

All set! Click Save Draft to save all work in progress, or Create Campaign to create a campaign and submit it for moderation. To launch the campaign immediately after verification, check the box below.

How to replenish the balance?

To top up your account, you need to add payment details to your Profile with the help of your account manager.

Then go to the Add Funds tab and choose a convenient payment method. Several payment systems are available on the platform: Paxum, Capitalist, Visa MasterCard, PerfectMoney.

Please note that the minimum deposit amount is $100. Usually, money is credited instantly and without commission.

In Profile, you can turn on notifications reminding you when you need to top up your balance or when you reach the set budget limit.

What’s next?

We have created a detailed FAQ with questions beginners most often have. We also recommend that you take a look at the blog, where you will find helpful information: guides, case studies, news and current events and tips from TacoLoco experts that will help you quickly get used to this platform and the world of affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions or concerns, remember that your Account Manager is always there and ready to help 😉

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