City macros

We are always adding new tools to boost conversion rates of your ad. Now, when creating a new campaign with TacoLoco, you can add a macro to ad text that will be replaced with the recipient’s city in the selected language.

How it works?

Here is an example of the text that you can create: “Are you in {city_en}? Great offer! Mega Sale!”

Here, instead of {city_en}, a city of the recipient will be place in English language. User from London, for example, will see the ad like this:

Of course, depending on the GEO that is being used, the appropriate for GEO language needs to be selected. Currently we support the following languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.

When creating the ad campaign, you can select desired city macros in the advanced settings option. We highly recommend testing out this newly added feature for the ultimate performance.

Try it!

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