How to increase CTR?

It’s no secret that one of the most important parameters in Internet marketing is CTR 

CTR (click-through rate), which is a click-through rate. The more users click on your ad, the higher it is. In this case, if we talk about push ads, the more the CTR, the less the CPC (click price on your ad) will be.

We’ve prepared some tips to help you improve your clickability:

  • Test new creatives. Sometimes a creative that you don’t think looks very attractive actually shows an excellent CTR. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ads.
  • Use words in the headlines that motivate action like: “get”, “register”, “win”. Get your users to act now!
  • Use city macros. This is especially true for dating offers, because an ad with a specific city can increase message personalization.
  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis. We have long been using them in correspondence, so why not use them in your advertising?
  • Use spy services. There is nothing shameful about watching competitors’ good creatives. We advise you to pay attention to Spypush and AdPlexity.

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