How to make money on adult offers? Exclusive from MyLead

Many webmasters choose to promote adult offers, and for good reason – with this niche, you can make very good money. But what should a beginner pay attention to in order not to drain the budget and get the maximum profit?

In this article, together with MyLead, we will discuss the most paid vertical in affiliate marketing, tell you what it consists of, and also give a list of the most profitable offers.

Rating the most profitable verticals

1st place – Dating

People all over the world are ready to look for potential partners online. Everyone who seeks to date on the Web has their unique reason, but interest in this topic remains universal.

Why users choose online dating

Average userMale Female
To have fun48%51%43%
To find friends 41%41%41%
To have a good time 24%28%18%
To find a significant other 19%20%17%
Looking for sex13%18%5%
To start a family11%12%10%
To see if a current partner is cheating 5%5%5%
Chose not to answer 12%10%14%

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 59% of respondents believe that online dating is a good way to meet new people.

At the same time, many are looking for dates with no commitment (13%, to be exact). But how many of them are willing, to be truthful about the fact that they are looking for a partner just for an intimate relationship? How many people who chose “to have fun”, “other” or “choose not to answer” in a poll honestly mean it? One thing is known for sure – many people are interested in 18+ dating, which is why adult offers are so popular.

59% of users consider online dating a good way to meet new people

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that many people have become more lonely and deprived of a normal social life as a result of the recent global pandemic.

What remains? Finding a partner online is an outlet for many.

32% of users meet online


Sex Dating – Smartlink IV – Best Dating Offer

Geo: Global

Rate: $0.27-5.96


Geo: PL

Rate: $1.29

Mobile Adult-Smartlink I

Geo: Global

Rate: $0.11-18.55

2nd place – Adult Content

Adult content is very popular all over the world. The culture of 18+ video consumption is widespread and is not limited to weekends and non-working days. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 70% of video views are between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Some people even watch adult videos at work. Therefore, adult content offers are very popular and lead to high conversion rates for webmasters. The number of visitors is impressive, as demonstrated by PornHub website visits statistics.


Adult Dating – Smartlink I

Geo: Global

Rate: $0.11-37.55


Geo: AU, AT, CA, CL, CZ, FI, FR, DE, IE, IT, NZ, NO, PL, RO, SG, TR, UK, US

Rate: 0.13-5$


Geo: DE

Rate: $2.76

3rd place – Cam

In today’s world, people have a busy schedule which leaves little to no time for live communication. But despite external circumstances, people seek love. The internet comes to the rescue once again, offering plenty of private cam videos. There is a constant demand for this industry.

Many successful webmasters use data from statistics to understand where it is best to drive traffic from. Traditionally, these are Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Ireland. Traffic from these countries brings high income.



Geo: Global

Rate: $0.01-2.98


Geo: Global

Rate: 16%


Geo: Global

Rate: $0.01-2.77

Who is the target audience of Adult Offers?

It’s worth mentioning right away that different offers may have different audiences.

But if we talk about the average buyer, then most often these are men over 35 years old (and they are the most solvent). Usually, these are middle-class managers, office workers, skilled workers, etc.

How to promote and where to look for traffic?

Do you want to use social networks to attract visitors to adult offers?

Adult content can be promoted everywhere if you follow the rules of the platforms. Here are the basic rules for promoting Adult on social networks:

  • Spamming is prohibited. It is best to have at least two accounts. This is necessary for security in case your account gets banned, you will not lose all the money.
  • It is forbidden to post scenes of violence or child pornography. There are no compromises here.
  • Moderators will not find your affiliate link if you use a cloaking system that leads them to an alternative link (eg HideLink). Unfortunately, a simple link shortener won’t help.
  • When working on creative, you also need to be careful – you can’t use erotic materials. This is a direct way to be banned. Using photos of fruits or bananas should also be done with caution.

Life hack: you can quite easily create unique graphics using free stock photos and overlaying one picture on top of another. This is easy to do with Figma:

In Conclusion

Dating, although it is the most attractive vertical for promotion, has specific nuances. It is imperative to study the rules of the platform for which you will be driving traffic, and of course, you need to be ready to regularly come up with new creatives that will catch users’ attention (without violating the rules of the platform).

So, dating definitely remains one of the most interesting verticals in 2022. It’s good for a beginner to get that much-needed practice and experience. As for an experienced arbitrator, adult can bring a very large profit.

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