How to use capping?

One of the options to manage your ad campaign is capping.

This function allows you to determine the frequency at which your ad is visible to one unique user.

Our platform offers two types of capping for push traffic:

  • Impression capping controls the frequency of your ad visibility seen by one unique user.
  • Click capping is responsible for showing your ad to users who already interacted with your ad with a click.

You are able to determine and configure your capping settings when creating a new or editing an existing campaign.

When working with various offers and ad strategies we recommend that you try different settings, with the capping function either turned on or turned off.

Here is an example of capping in action:

With these settings, a unique user will see your ad not more than once every 3 hours. If user clicks on the ad, the ad will not re-appear for the same user for another 24 hours.

Please note, the infrequent capping setting reduces the number of potential views for your ad and as such reduces your traffic volume.

When the capping feature is turned off you will have access to the maximum possible traffic while still remaining in your ad target range.

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