Results of the year

Thanks to our joint efforts, this year has been particularly productive, and we have a lot to be proud of.

Here’s a look back at the changes that have taken place with our platform:

📌Publishers can now monetize traffic with In-Page Push – ads. With this format you can earn here and now and without being tied to a subscription base.

📌For advertisers also added a new advertising format – Direct Clicks. With it, you can only pay for targeted traffic.

📌We have strengthened the security of your profiles with two-factor authentication. With a one-time password, no one can use your account even from your device!

📌With an improved report format, advertisers can now track metrics by zone and sorts.

📌In 2023, our team attended large-scale international conferences – Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Island Conference in Cyprus, Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Kinza Kazakhstan 2K23, Conversion Conf in Warsaw, TES Affiliate Conference in Prague, Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok.

📌The TacoLoco blog was updated with useful materials, cases and guides for publishers and advertisers.

📌Dozens of small updates and improvements have been made.

Next year you will see even more updates and interesting publications, our team is already working on it! Summarize your results, set new goals and be sure to share your successes with us.

We wish you to reach a new level next year!

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