TacoLoco and Telderi

Do you want to buy a site to earn money or sell your project? Check out our partners at Telderi.ru!

Telderi.ru is a guarantor trade market where you can buy or sell a website, domain, social media accounts, and channels, as well as applications.

Telderi has been a guarantor of transactions for over 10 years, they have more than 120,000 successful transactions under their belt, and the audience of the service exceeds 250,000 users.

On the trade market, you will find thousands of sites with income in various topics, and you can also quickly and profitably sell your site using the auction system. Telderi will monitor the security of the transaction and act as a guarantor.

For all newly activated accounts, Telderi gives 1 free, 3-day site fix at the top of the search, which will help you to quickly sell your project. Reach out to technical support with promo code TACO2022 and receive the free fix, which can be applied at any time and to any site.

Start making profit
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