We pay $100 per case!

Are you pushing traffic with TacoLoco? Tell us about your successes and earn even more!

We pay $100 to TacoLoco account for any chosen story that gets published on our sites.


1) Push notifications from TacoLoco must be involved in the case. Push period: from January 1, 2021.

2) The text must be coherent, at least 1000 characters.

3) Must contain screenshots of personal account statistics.

4) In the text, it is desirable to talk about the source of traffic, campaign settings, and optimization.

5) The number of cases per author is not limited. If the author wishes, we can keep the anonymity.

Where to send your cases?

We are waiting for your stories at case@tacolo.co, be sure to indicate your TacoLoco login in the letter.

We accept submissions until 04/01/2022

P.S. We reserve the right not to publish or pay for negative, fake, or incomplete cases.

All stories that we publish on our sites will be paid;)

Start making profit
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