What is pop traffic – Popups and Popunders

Even if the words “popunder” and “popup” are not familiar to you, believe me – you regularly come across them on the expanses of the world wide web. The popup window appears on top of the working tab and immediately shows the offer page. Users are insanely annoyed by such intrusive advertising that blocks content. But affiliates still happily use this format. What is pop traffic and why is it still heavily used if the user wants to close such pop-up ads as soon as possible and leave the site forever?

What Types of Pop-Up Traffic Do Affiliates Use?

Many publishers started their affiliate careers with pop-up ads. Popunders, clickunders, and pops all refer to pop-up ads, but with different display formats.

What is Popup Traffic

A pop-up is a window with a landing page that is displayed above the working tab. This ad format appeared back in the 2000s when there were no browser restrictions. Back then, webmasters attracted pop-up traffic with the help of utilities that got into users’ computers along with trojans and downloads from warez sites. Therefore, pop-up ads from those times are perceived as annoying viral advertising.

At the available “white” Internet sources with high-quality content, pop-ups are rarely found. You should not count on the loyalty of the audience. If the website owner chooses to go for it and use pop-up ads, visitors will start leaving the site.

Do not confuse pop-up ads with exit pop-ups. The latter is an organic site element that is shown when a visitor performs certain actions (for example, when moving the cursor). To display regular pop-up ads on the site, an advertising network code is introduced.

What is Popunder Traffic

Popunder traffic is generated using popunder and clickunder ads. Unlike pops, the promoted landing page does not appear “above” but “below” the current tab. Popunders and clickunders are considered a less aggressive ad format, so they are more likely to be viewed. If a pop-up instantly causes a desire to close it as soon as possible, then the popunder still has a chance to be viewed. Pop-ups almost always appear at the wrong moment, usually when a user is purposefully looking for information, or working. Opposite to that is a window with advertising, which simply waits for the user to finish his business and become interested in the presented ad. If a person decides to watch your ad on their terms, then they are already more inclined to get acquainted with the offer.

Clickunders differ only in the mechanism of displaying ads. Due to the overlay of an invisible grid on top of the main window, a redirect to the landing page occurs when you click on any area of ​​the page, and not when you close it.

Why You Should Try Pop-Up Traffic

Pop-up traffic is usually a cold and low-quality audience, which justifies its low cost. Why is this source still used by many affiliates? The fact is that pop-ups are most often found on pirate sites where typically as an example people can download a movie premiere for free. For the sake of the opportunity to get something valuable and necessary for free, everyone agrees to endure even such aggressive advertising. That is why there will always be a lot of pop-up traffic. The number of impressions within one advertising network is calculated in billions and clicks – in millions. A novice affiliate marketer is inspired by such volumes, but when working with pop traffic, you have to constantly filter out low-quality and bot traffic.

Therefore, it is recommended to use trackers with additional bot protection and work with affiliate programs that do not accept bot traffic.

The pop-up format has remained the same intrusive and annoying after 20 years, but in the hands of an experienced affiliate marketer, it can show excellent results. For a high ROI, it is important to choose the right offer based on all its features. With us, this can be done with the help of an account manager who will tell you what offers to send popunder traffic to.

Benefits of Pop-Traffic for Affiliates

1. Simple ad format

To attract an audience, you do not need to create banners and come up with creatives. All that is required from a publisher is a good landing page. Since pop-up traffic is most often a direct type of traffic, the offer page that opens in front of the users should grab their attention very quickly. This is the only way to get a user to click on an ad before they close it for good, which only takes a few seconds. But at the same time, the shorter the funnel, the easier it is to test, so we recommend that beginners start with pop-up traffic.

2.Low cost per click

Pop-up traffic is much cheaper than contextual, native, and social media traffic. For the convenience of calculations, they are paid according to the CPM (Cost Per Mile) model, that is, for 1000 impressions.

3. Huge reach and lots of traffic

Pop-up advertising is often found on entertainment resources, where there is a huge and very diverse audience. You can also promote consumer goods.

4. Support for all types of devices and platforms

Popunders and pop-ups are adapted for desktop and mobile devices and run on all operating systems, including iOS.

Disadvantages of Pop-Up Ads for Affiliates

1. Low audience loyalty

Pop-up ads are very annoying. It is important to set the optimal display frequency so as not to annoy users.

2. Negative impact on SEO

This factor should be of particular concern to those who sell pop-up traffic from their site. Your resource may lose positions in search results due to this type of advertising.

3. Bot traffic

It is always present with this type of advertising, but networks with pop-up traffic are actively fighting bot traffic in the name of their reputation. TacoLoco uses anti-fraud systems and its own algorithms to screen out bot traffic.

4. Difficult to optimize

A very different audience somewhat complicates the optimization of an advertising campaign, as it is difficult to focus on different user categories.

What Verticals Affiliates Run with These Types of Traffic

For an advertising campaign to bring a high ROI, the offer must be perfectly combined with the traffic source. Not every vertical can be promoted with pop-up ads. We have selected directions for you to which pop traffic is successfully sent. There is a high probability that they will bring you a good profit.

1. Mobile content

Users search for text and media files mainly on mobile devices and spend an average of 5-6 hours a day on them. The scale of this audience exceeds 7 billion which makes it easy to work with these types of offers. People don’t even need to take unnecessary steps to pay for subscriptions, most often the amount is automatically debited from the user’s account after the end of the trial period. Therefore, PIN-submit is the best option for a good conversion of mobile traffic.

2. Install (antivirus, VPN, utilities for cleaning device memory, mobile device performance improvement, etc.)

Gadget owners, in particular iPhone users, often worry about their devices just like they do about pets. Therefore, pop-up advertisements for new software products that will ensure the security and privacy of the smartphone are hardly overlooked. In most cases, there is a free trial period, and typically users respond well to such offers. It’s not difficult for affiliates to work with this niche since often an affiliate program counts the conversion after scanning the device, downloading and installing the program, and starting the trial period.

3. Sweepstake

People are always interested in offers where you can get a valuable gift for free. The sweepstake or online draw vertical is geared towards a gambling audience. It is desirable to “warm up” the user with the help of pre-landing. If a person starts spinning the “wheel of fortune” or chooses a chest with a prize, it will be more difficult for the user to close the pop-up window, since he has already had the interaction with it and even “won”. By the way, for a novice affiliate, a bunch of sweepstake offers and pop-up ads is a great way to practice on a small budget.

4. Gambling

Online casinos, online poker, and other gambling alternatives are very promising verticals for pop-up traffic. There are many potential customers here who can be promised a starting deposit amount or use other tricks to get their attention.

5. Betting

Offers from this category offer sports betting and eSports. In conjunction with popunder traffic and pop-ups, they demonstrate an excellent conversion if you put enough work into the landing page, find the target audience, and segment it correctly.

Also, pop-ups and popunders showed good efficiency when promoting offers in the niche of entertainment, dating, consumer goods, discount coupons, and delivery.

Useful Tips for Working with Pops

  1. When directing pop-up traffic to a direct offer, it is important to put quality work on the landing page:
  • The text should be concise and contain a clear message; there is not enough space here to describe the benefits of the proposal;
  • Use a large and clear font;
  • The text must contain calls to action “register”, “click”, “come in”, “don’t miss your chance”, etc.
  1. If you are going to drive pop-up traffic through a pre-lander, use gamification elements. Imitation of the game and other methods of interacting with the audience help lead a cold audience to conversion.
  2. Check the loading speed of the landing and pre-landers! If the page loads slowly, the user will close the pop-up window without even seeing its content.
  3. Use spy services to spy on working links and current offers. There are a lot of spy services available for pop-up traffic which will help the affiliate marketer to beat the competition.
  4. In the settings, set no more than one display per day for one user, to not annoy the user too much and deter them from coming back.
  5. Optimization is the key to conversion when working with pop-up traffic. Without screening out non-converting sources of profit, there will be no profit. Track the conversion rate for 2-3 days. If no results are seen, then there is nothing to improve. If the conversion is present, optimize the traffic source. If possible, use black-and-white lists based on the results of an advertising campaign for at least 3 days. To create a whitelist and blacklist, you need to understand the structure of the sources, that is, whether it is one site, several different sites of one advertiser, or an entire zone with several publishers.

Where to Get High-Quality Pop-Up Traffic

Pop-up networks are plentiful today, and affiliates only have to determine the best one and choose what to invest in.

However, pop-up traffic that converts is not easy to find. We recommend not to miss out on our offer — high-quality popunder traffic is available in TacoLoco with an excellent CPM and its own system of protection against bots.

Pop-up traffic has existed and been used for decades, which means that this source is definitely worth your attention. While some beginners are afraid of pop-up ads with intrusive advertising, others successfully drive traffic to different verticals and at the start reach ROI of 170%. Choose our network with pop-up traffic, focus on having a good understanding of the user characteristics you will be working with, and do not stop. Continue to look at competitors, and optimize what has already shown good results. Happy conversions!

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