New Traffic Chart and more!

This week alone, we’ve rolled out three very useful updates.

First of all, the new Traffic Chart. Impressions, bids, and average ctr are now available not only by country but by traffic type and platform.

Secondly, we have updated the campaign page (multiple action option has been added as well as many more useful functions).

Lastly, we have merged the Finance and Add Funds pages. Now all payment information can be found in one location and on one page.

All the most recent updates can be tried and tested in your account dashboard.

TacoLoco now accepts Capitalist

We’re pleased to introduce an exciting new payment platform, now supported by TacoLoco: Capitalist. This innovative service will help you manage your payments and account balances. Setting up payments with Capitalist is quick and simple. Select “Add Funds” from your account dashboard and choose the option that best suits your needs.

P.S.: Making payments with Paxum is easier than ever, and now commission-free when adding a balance.

How to use capping?

One of the options to manage your ad campaign is capping.

This function allows you to determine the frequency at which your ad is visible to one unique user.

Our platform offers two types of capping for push traffic:

  • Impression capping controls the frequency of your ad visibility seen by one unique user.
  • Click capping is responsible for showing your ad to users who already interacted with your ad with a click.

You are able to determine and configure your capping settings when creating a new or editing an existing campaign.

When working with various offers and ad strategies we recommend that you try different settings, with the capping function either turned on or turned off.

Here is an example of capping in action:

With these settings, a unique user will see your ad not more than once every 3 hours. If user clicks on the ad, the ad will not re-appear for the same user for another 24 hours.

Please note, the infrequent capping setting reduces the number of potential views for your ad and as such reduces your traffic volume.

When the capping feature is turned off you will have access to the maximum possible traffic while still remaining in your ad target range.

Improved traffic and campaign sorting

Introducing two new service updates:

  • First: We’ve added a new function which will allow you to group your ad campaigns together. This new feature will improve the navigation and analysis of your ads performance. With this update, workflow has never been so smooth!
  • Second: We are constantly working on improving our push-traffic and we are happy to announce that the quality has gotten even better!

Keep an eye on our updates, we have many more exciting features to come 😉

Great news about Paxum!

With TacoLoco we like to make things simple and effective. That’s why, as of today, we are accepting automated Paxum payments. Funds are deposited automatically within a few minutes with a minimum accepted payment amount of $100.

Here is the sweetest deal, commissions on these payments have been reduced from 2% to 1%.

New schedule system

More good news!

We’ve improved the scheduling feature for push notifications. Now when you set up your campaigns, you can choose both the definite time for impressions and also the day of the week. With this update you can increase the efficacy of your advertising.

Push buttons

Introducing our newest feature: Push buttons!

Push your user’s buttons with this interactive new feature. Modern browsers support the addition of push activated buttons. Capitalize on this compatibility feature, and add interactivity to your campaigns to dramatically increase the click through rate of your campaigns.

Now when you create a campaign, you can add two buttons which will be displayed beneath your push notification. With a generous 15 character limit including emojis, you can create some creative combos. The user will be taken to your link when they click on either of these buttons.

Add buttons to a creative:

Creative creation with push button

This is an example of the push buttons on mobile devices:

Desktop notifications also support our buttons:

Creative buttons are already available in your advertiser panel. Try them today!

New payments by bank cards

Good news amigos!

Now replenishing your TacoLoco balance is easier than ever. With our latest update, we’re now able to accept payment by Visa and MasterCard! To make a payment, just go to the Add Funds section in your account and select your favourite payment method.

Join TacoLoco and test our fine traffic for yourself!

Push traffic that converts!

Hi everyone!

After very successful private testing, we are now publically launching our new ad network with exclusive traffic: TacoLoco. Push subscriptions are ready, with new ad formats launching in the coming weeks.

What’s on the menu:

  • in house resources with the highest quality traffic;
  • minimum bid for CPC from $ 0.001 per click;
  • convenient notification builder;
  • lightning fast campaign approval.

Ready to test? Register here today: