TacoLoco: results for 2022

Yet another year of working together has come to an end. So, it’s time to look at the results. Let’s look back to see how our platform has changed and how the changes have affected advertisers and publishers. How much you managed to achieve and how much you grew this year with us. 

It will be of interest to everyone – both new partners and those who have been working with TacoLoco for a long time 😉

New ad formats

In 2022, TacoLoco’s advertisers launched a total of 162,665 advertising campaigns!

This is the reason why we are continuing to develop our platform. In addition, to push advertising, two new formats have now appeared in the advertiser’s personal account: in-page and popunder.

In-page push – this is a format that’s easy to configure. It doesn’t respond to blocks and doesn’t require user permission. In the advertising campaign settings, you can target Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users in more than 70 GEO. After registration, statistics on this advertising format can be viewed in the Traffic Chart tab.

Popunder is ideal for website promotion and doesn’t require creatives. The CPM model is suitable for popunder traffic (the rate per 1000 ad views). To use your budget rationally, you can set a daily budget limit and restrict the number of views in the campaign settings. You can target iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS users. You can easily track statistics in the Traffic Chart tab.

  • popunders do not irritate users,
  • they don’t block content, so they practically don’t affect SEO. 
  • they bring in a loyal audience.

 This tool should be part of your arsenal – be sure to try it!

Judging by the active way you’re using new formats, we’re doing everything right☝

New Ways to Monetize

We have added two methods of push monetization for you to enable everyone to earn with our media traffic (even if you don’t have your own platform). Now publishers can choose a suitable method in their Personal Account:

  • Site – a unique script integrated into the code of your site. It will invite visitors to sign up for push notifications.
  • Stream – suitable for those who don’t have their own sites. This link leads the user to a landing page where they can subscribe. Just channel traffic and earn money!

Payments to publishers are made according to the Revenue Share 90% model. Are you ready to earn with TacoLoco? 

The Most Profitable Verticals of 2022

Let’s first take a look at the verticals that brought you the most profit:

  • dating:
  • crypto;
  • gambling;
  • nutra.

Dating is an “evergreen” niche that gains momentum year after year. People have gotten used to meeting and chatting on the Internet. The lockdown is over, but the habit remains. Our advertising network always offers high-quality traffic in this niche.

Another vertical that showed a noticeable increase in terms of indicators is Crypto. The world is slowly but surely moving to digital formats. Online services are switching to payment in cryptocurrency, and we hear increasingly about NFTs.  Therefore, it is not surprising why crypto offers continue to convert. Our Mainstream traffic shows decent results on this vertical.

People are continuing to look to the “world wide web” for solutions to health problems. As a result, offers from Nutravertical are in demand among media buying specialists. In some GEOs where the level of trust in medicine is extremely low, miracle cures are particularly popular.

Gambling is considered by many to be the “goldmine” of partner marketing. They aim to break into this niche from the outset and attain brilliant ROI from their very first campaign. Why not, especially when the TacoLoco experts explained how you could channel traffic from gambling and earn profits. Our Mainstream traffic is also incontrovertible.

If you worked with TacoLoco in 2022, you probably noticed that with our traffic and the right approach, any vertical would convert perfectly🔥.

Complete Guide and FAQ for Publishers

Publishers now have an informative Dashboard where you can see detailed analytics (number of views, CPM, revenues) and a detailed guide on configuring push monetization or creating a push link. If this is your first time with TacoLoco, this FAQ guide will help you start monetizing today!

Possibility of Payment Through PerfectMoney

In your Personal Account, you can make payments through the PerfectMoney system. The money arrives within a few minutes, and you do not need to pay any commission. Pay for traffic in any way that is convenient for you.

New Blog Posts

Our blog has become even more valuable and interesting! It contains new articles and guides that will help you quickly to adapt to partnership marketing and teach you how to channel traffic to plus. 🎓We also added some interesting case studies from our partners. 

Here, the author has used personal experience to show how effective the push format can be when used competently. They took an exclusive dating offer, tested several GEO, tried different approaches, and found a working link that enabled an ROI of 51%!

In this case, we also showed how TacoLoco push traffic works with the Affmy Smartlink. After two weeks of channeling and several optimization stages, ROI reached 30%. We wanted to show that Smartlink is an excellent tool for novice media buyers and an alternative to the main monetization method with standard SOI offers. Use thecase studies of our partners to find working connections and inspiration!

Participation in Conferences

2022 will be remembered for significant events, productive meetings, and participation in international conferences. We attended world-class events in the field of affiliate marketing (including the Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona, Affiliate World Conferences in Dubai, and the Traffic Summit Conference in Istanbul).

Thank you to everyone who chose TacoLoco and stayed with us and anyone who has just joined🤝. We will do everything possible to convert your efforts into a decent profit in all our future endeavors. The priority for us remains the high quality of traffic, and we continue to work on the platform’s functionality. 

There’s still lots to come! Wait and see. 😉

Start making profit
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