TacoLoco + Zeydoo = $1041

Push format still converts traffic powerfully. In a fresh case study we will show a working bundle that worked with ROI of 27.33%. Zeydoo Media Buyers with Cryptomania offeer and minimal efforts got $1041 profit.

In this case study, let’s take a detailed look at how to promote a simulator application for crypto trading with TacoLoco fluffers and get a good profit. The offer itself is designed for Android OS users and is a training platform for cryptocurrency trading without financial risks.

Offer: 11570 | Crypto Simulator Android 

Price Model: CPI

Period: 02.11.2023 – 11.12.2023
Traffic Source: TacoLoco
Ad Format: Push (CPC)
OS: Android, 5.0 and above

Cost: $3809
Revenue: $4850
Profit: $1041
ROI: 27.33%

Funnel and creatives

The authors of the case study used classic approaches to creating creatives for the financial vertical. At the first stage, the user was shown a push notification with an image of money and a call to use a free simulator for crypto trading. The icon shows an unread message.

The next stage of the funnel was prelending, where the user gave the answer to one simple question:

There are similar prelends on Zeydoo in the section with offers from Cryptomania. The audience, who answered “Yes”, gets to the online money drawing landing page.

From there, users are directed to the Cryptomania page on Google Play, where they can install the app and thus convert into a lead.

Campaign setup

The KPIs of the offer specify that traffic from several regions is accepted, and the payout level is 0.040 – 0.084 USD. In the first stage, the authors of the case study tested 15 geos based on the experience of past campaigns. PK, ET, MX, NP, BR, CI, AR, DZ, SA, EC, PH, ID, EG, MY, VN.

A separate ad campaign was created for each geo with local language and targeting on Android from version 5. For the period of test pouring the bid was minimal, daily spending limit – $20, caps – 1 display and click in 36 hours for a unique user.

Example of campaign settings for Ecuador:

Campaign optimization and scaling

The test pour showed that the bundle has a certain potential, so the media buyers decided to scale. Namely: to increase bids for effective campaigns by 15-20%. The guys duplicated existing campaigns, when a drawdown started or the campaign needed to be scaled, it was restarted anew.

Based on the data collected, they tested new geos:

I iteration: PK, ET, MX, NP, BR, CI, AR, DZ, SA, EC, PH, ID, EG, MY, VN.

II iteration: IN, PG, LR, YE, MA, NA, RW, MM, KH, ZA, MZ, PA, GT.

III iteration: US, DE, AU, IT, FR, IR, KZ, JP, PL, ES, TH, KR.

We suggest taking a look at the results of the most profitable geos, viz: PH, MX, PK, AR, BR.

Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa performed the worst but were given another chance with other creatives and lendings.

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Results and conclusions

Tests for 9 days, proper optimization and scaling showed decent results. The bundle has not been squeezed out yet, Zeydoo media buyers are still working with it, optimizing and testing new countries. Push has once again proved its effectiveness, this time in a bundle with a crypto-offer. As a reminder, TacoLoco has the highest quality traffic from 200+ countries under different verticals from $0.001 per click! Try it and make us happy with your cases.

Start making profit
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