Case study: making use of siesta to earn money

This case study is all about a great and profitable campaign, a push notification platform that just does the work for you and a warm and sunny GEO. 

This article is a story of an affiliate publisher who is actively working on the MyLead platform. At the same time, the described scheme is ideal for those who just begin their adventure with affiliate marketing.

Details of the offer

Campaign: Toluna ES

Rate: 0.85$ 

Target country: Spain

Traffic type: Push notifications

Duration: Month

Spent: $300

Earned: $631,55

Choosing GEO

GEO Spain is in TIER-1, and 67.7% of Spanish people are in the working population between the ages of 15 and 65.

The country has a fairly high standard of living. Tourism is well developed, so the quality of the Internet and its availability are also monitored there. Spanish people are also characterized by their love for relaxation and entertainment. But if it seems to you that they are frivolous and like to spend money recklessly, you will be surprised: they are characterized by thrift and modesty, which means that people will carefully choose which product to buy and which to ignore.  

If you take a closer look at affiliate marketing statistics, you’ll find out that Spain performs well in working with pop and push traffic, perhaps because during the siesta you can just relax and look at your phone more often.

Selecting the offer

What’s the “secret” ingredient of a profitable offer? It’s not the rate, but an easy conversion type, for example: installing an application, registering or any other basic action that does not require any investment of money and time. The ideal type of conversion is signup with email confirmation, i.e. Double Opt-In.

A mentor from MyLead, an affiliate network with over 600,000 satisfied users, has made a suggestion for a perfect offer. The affiliate program’s recipients’ task was to evaluate large companies. Because let’s be honest here, what would you choose: an unproductive siesta or an opportunity to get some extra money? The answer is obvious, and Spanish people would probably think the same way. The choice was made. The Toluna – ES offer with the $0.85 rate in the CPL type (at the time of the start of the campaign) was a great fit.

Choosing the push platform is one of several traffic management platforms available on the web, which makes it an indispensable tool for every affiliate publisher who wants their push notifications to reach the specific target.

Create a free account on the platform. Remember to sign up as an advertiser since you’re the one who has something to promote to other people. In other words – you have a campaign to advertise, TacoLoco is here to send the push notifications for you.

What to do next?

Now that everything is ready and selected, the only thing that had to be prepared was the title. In Spanish, of course.

Hoy las grandes empresas pagan por tu opinión 

As for the description, it should not be too long.

Gana Dinero Completando Encuestas

In the TacoLoco’s New Campaign tab, choose:

  • pricing model: CPC with the bid of $0.02;
  • device type: mobile;
  • operating system: all OS;
  • country: Spain;
  • traffic type: mainstream;

But that’s not all. You can also go for a creative. Here’s the one that did the best in this case:

Title: Que Harias Con Más Dinero 

Message: Gana Dinero Completando Encuestas

In total, this case required $300 that was spent on advertising.


Here is a screenshot of the statistics from the publisher’s personal account on the MyLead affiliate network:


The selected offer gave unexpectedly great results. As it turned out, surveys convert just as well as evergreen sweepstakes. In addition, this type of traffic is very easy to scale. The affiliate program itself was also providing its own landing page, so there was no need to build a new one.

To sum everything up, don’t be afraid of trying various apps and approaches when promoting affiliate programs. Especially since the MyLead platform offers over 4000 campaigns ready to be joined.

Start making profit
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