What is ClickUnder advertising?

Clickunder advertising is as old as the world but steadily continues to bring in small changes for media-buying specialists and site owners. Today there are a lot of monetization options for cheap clickunder traffic. All you have to do is attract this traffic for endless opportunities! 

Today we will take a look at this advertising tool’s potential and how you can buy a cheap click-under, where to channel the traffic, and how to work with this format so that it brings a good profit.

The ClickUnder Mechanism

Clickunder is a type of pop-up advertising. If you add a click-under script to the code, clicking anywhere on the page will open the advertiser’s site in a new browser window. 

You’ve probably heard that clickunder is an aggressive advertising format that causes nothing but negativity. So why do media buyers continue to make good money on clickunders? 

First of all, it’s more subtle than pop-ups. Secondly, this tool makes it possible to monetize each user, making it enough to use the channel actively.

ClickUnder and PopUnder – The Main Differences

Clickunder and popunder have a similar principle of operation. Both automatically launch the advertiser’s site without the user’s consent. They cover almost 100% of the audience, have a low conversion rate, contain a lot of “garbage,” and are not liked by search engines, likely due to a lack of distinguishing between pop-up, clickunder, and popunder traffic. However, there is a significant difference between them. Clickunder advertising appeared a little later. It’s less intrusive than the pop-up format. This means you can count on the audience’s loyalty, which will come in less “cold”. Let’s look at the differences between click-under and popunder.

The landing page appears when you click anywhere on the pageThe landing page starts loading after clicking on the ad 
There’s no need for banners or creativesYou need a small banner, a catchy header, and a trigger for your ad
The landing page opens in a new windowThe landing page is loaded in a new tab

ClickUnder or PopUnder — Which One to Choose?

Popunders do not irritate users within the working tab, which reduces the amount of traffic but makes it better as the number of targeted transitions increases. The user may not even realize which site opened the ad and will not associate your site with the ad. 

Clickunders’ earnings mechanics are pretty simple. An invisible grid is superimposed on the page. The user clicks on it when interacting with the site. Visitors do not suspect they are opening a landing page; therefore, clickunder advertising has 100% impressionability.

To monetize your own resource, clickunders, and popunders are not recommended (unless you value your audience). No reputable site would allow itself such an advertising format. For media buying, clickunder is an excellent option. In this case, one click = 1 impression. Payment for both CPC and CPM models is appropriate (for one or 1000 impressions, respectively). The price of such traffic is minimal. As a rule, you can channel on a “forbidden” site and monetize each visitor. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of ClickUnders

No need to allocate space for the bannerLow earnings
The ad does not block content, even partiallyLow traffic quality;
The landing page opens in a separate windowThe landing page window can be closed so quickly that the counter code doesn’t have time to load.
Possibility of flexible adjustment of the advertising campaignSensitivity to browser extensions that block pop-ups
Low cost per clickPrimarily a “cold” audience
High volumes of trafficMandatory use of a tracker
Full audience coverageSusceptible to search engine filters, resulting in its lowering in search engine results.
Moderately aggressive format
Quick launch of an advertising campaign

Can ClickUnder Be Used to Filter a Website?

Search engines have long recognized desktop and mobile clickunder codes and very clearly class them as intrusive advertising. If the algorithm detects advertising offers from “grey” or “black” verticals (for example, adult-clickunder), then the results will be pessimized. In such cases, Yandex lowers the SERP without warning.

Where to Buy ClickUnder Traffic If You Are an Advertiser

You can usually buy clickunder traffic from the same place that offers pop-up and popunder traffic. There are ad networks that sell mixed pop traffic. There are others where you can separately buy media traffic from pop-ups, popunders, and clickunders. When looking for the best clickunder partner, don’t forget to clarify this with the manager. Also, pay attention to the presence of an anti-fraud system.

Earning on ClickUnders — What to Channel from ClickUnders if You’re a Media Buyer

In principle, clickunders, like popunders, can be channeled onto anything. However, the specific nature of the clickunder format requires that the target action be as simple as possible. For example, a user can make the lightning decision to download, leave an email, or subscribe, but it is unlikely that they will immediately make a deposit or pay for a subscription. 

You can buy media traffic from clickunders for adult, consumer goods, or entertainment offers (casinos, bets, sweepstakes, online movies, etc.). This advertising channel is aimed at a broad audience. Therefore, the wider it is, the more effective clickunder advertising will be.

Profitable Verticals Under ClickUnder

Let’s see what media buyers like to channel from clickunders today:

  • gambling vertical;
  • betting;
  • adult;
  • crypto;
  • dating:
  • sweepstakes
  • downloads
  • Install

At the same time, every clickunder grid has its list of top verticals where clickunder media traffic converts better than others. We also recommend reading our articles about “10 working approaches in dating” and “How to channel traffic from gambling and earn“.

Let’s Channel ClickUnder Traffic to Push Notifications

Channeling from clickunders to push is the most straightforward system that won’t bring you a fabulous profit but will enable beginners to achieve a stable average income. In this case, clickunder traffic will be directed to push subscriptions monetized by push networks. 

Let’s recall that push notifications are a technology for sending messages to site visitors who have subscribed to them. You may also be interested in learning about the improved format of pop-up notifications — In-Page Push.

How Can You Make Your ClickUnder Effective?

With clickunders, you can arouse visitors’ interest with just a landing page.

The landing page that opens in a new window should be as attractive as possible. In the ideal example of a clickunder, the landing page includes:

  • a short, catchy header;
  • an interesting video that will start automatically;
  • a bright, attractive image;
  • a prominent call-to-action button (“Go to Purchase” or “Register”);
  • promotions, novelties, bonuses, special prices, great offers, limited edition items;
  • countdown signifying the limited time of the offer.

The landing page should be attractive to a broad audience. Remember that users do not request this advertisement, and therefore they want to close it. Your task is to create a landing that will arouse the user’s interest and catch their attention. Ideally, it will bring a lead. The better the advertising campaign is from the outset, the less will be spent on testing.

Ensure your landing page has a high loading speed — users won’t wait more than 2-3 seconds to see ads they didn’t want to see in the first place. For page content to be displayed quickly, it should not exceed 200 KB. For fast loading, choose hosting closer to the GEO where you are channeling the clickunder traffic.

A lot depends on the resource on which the clickunder script is placed. The site must be dynamic and filled with high-quality content so that the user can interact with it. Remember that the clickunder is triggered by a click anywhere on the page.

Don’t discount the idea of clickunder advertising because it has much more “pros” than “cons”. Think carefully about your landing page, choose simple offers, and test a lot. There are plenty of successful cases with clickunders on the network. Even beginners find it easy to make money on clickunders.

Start making profit
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