TacoLoco and LosPollos: making money in Austria

While there are endless forum debates about whether push-traffic is still effective or not, our partners are quietly and steadily making money every single day.

Today, in our blog we would like to publish our first case study and review. The following review came from our user AlexXXX and we hope this review will inspire and encourage you to test different GEOs. In this particular case, our partner was targeting Austria.


Ad Network: TacoLoco

Partner Network: LosPollos

Expense: $415.60

Revenue: $560.64

Profit: $145.14

ROI: 34.93%

Hey everyone! My name is AlexXXX.

I have been working with TacoLoco since January, almost as soon as the advertising platform was launched and I am still extremely happy with the traffic quality delivered (the reserves for European Dating are quite good). As a matter of fact, even when running tests, I still ended up with tidy profit.

LosPollos is a smartlink platform. Offers are selected based on GEO, platform, OS and other user settings. All landing and pre-landing pages are localized to the user’s language which results in great conversion. As the system is automated, working with any smartlink makes it much easier to work around settings, just plug in the link and the system will do the work for you. I have been working with this Partner Program for the last 2 years, which is where I actually discovered TacoLoco.

By using smartlink with good traffic and dynamic offers I decided to create multiple campaigns targeting Europe with best results seen in Austria.

This is roughly how the key process works:

Plug in the smartlink in TacoLoco settings
Create budget limits. As a whole, you will find many settings in your account profile, including the most recent addition – Frequency Capping.

This quite modest creative was selected, which quite unexpectedly delivered high results.
Here are the final delivered numbers after running the campaign
Lastly,  this is how it all looks from LosPollos account profile

As you can see, the ROI is greater than 30% and as a result I was left with $145 profit. I personally think this result is quite positive. I will continue testing push-traffic with TacoLoco as I have not had much chance to test out  countries of 2nd and 3rd class.

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