US: Adtrafico + TacoLoco

It’s time to dive into another great case study! This time the case is presented to you by a team of webmasters that have been working with us for quite some time. They successfully ran push traffic from TacoLoco, a popular push network, onto our exclusive US dating offer. Results were impressive to the point that the webmasters team wanted to share their experience and success. 

Ad Network:
Affiliate Network: Adtrafico
Amount spent: $1342.26
Earned: $1972.40
Profit: $629.72
ROI: 46.90%

Without further ado, let’s look at the results of the first TacoLoco test and exclusive Adtrafico dating

Let’s take a look at everything step by step.

Without giving it much thought or picking something completely new, it’s been decided to choose [MOB] HornyContacts SOI/ US EXCLUSIVE offer for testing. Besides, we’ve already run other sources with this offer with the final results being a solid success, no further changes were made.

We put several pushes into the split at the same time. Based on the results of the first test, subsequent optimizations, and repeated extractions, the following top three creatives were identified.

After the optimization, the CTR results were pretty impressive:

Not to mention, the usual one-page private photo viewing confirmation as a pre-land was also used:

This pre-land in particular delivered a whopping 36% penetration level. Trying various background images and playing around to keep this bundle, paid off. Typically, it is not recommended to stick with this landing, however, due to its structural simplicity, single pages still drive good results. 

May’s tests delivered results we could not be happier with, a profit of $629.72

The bundle is still working and keeps bringing in steady revenue.

If you would like to experience the same great results, register with  Adtrafico and start testing!

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